Understand our independent living and assisted living cost structures

Independent Living – Maine Lodge Apartments and Cottages

Our independent living program – including both Maine Lodge Apartments and Cottage homes – is similar in concept to a condominium arrangement – where there is a partially refundable “Purchase Price” (called the Entrance Fee) and then a Monthly Fee that pays for amenities and services.

The Entrance Fee (“Purchase Price”) – is determined by several factors including the size of the apartment or cottage, upgrades and additions and is up to 90% refundable to the resident or to their estate in the future – in accordance with our resale pool and refund policy. The Monthly Fee pays for grounds care, snow removal, property taxes, maintenance, housekeeping, transportation, water and sewer, and many other items.

Assisted Living and Early Memory Loss Programs

The Assisted Living and Early Memory Loss programs are offered on a straight rental basis.